MSI officially supports HWBOT

MSI officially supports HWBOT

As of April, MSI officially supports HWBOT. In the past few years, MSI has been optimizing their products more and more for the pc enthousiasts and overclockers, making it a very popular brand amongst us.

We would like to express our gratitude to MSI to make HWBOT financially viable, making it possible for us to continue promoting overclocking and supporting their communities. Expect competitions funded by MSI, and more MSI achievements in the next few months.

Thank you MSI!


Belgium richba5tard says:

Thanks msi! :ws:

Austria Turrican says:

great :celebration:

United States miahallen says:

Awesome...this is really great news, thanks MSI! :)

Belgium Massman says:

A very, very big thank you to MSI! :)

United States TheGoat Eater says:

Great to hear!

Bulgaria GunGod says:

:) Cool

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Good news. :) Hope that they will ask for a support from overclockers and work on their products further. They are about to become an overclockng vendor the last year or two.

New Zealand packet says:

MSI rocks :)

Colombia e-Killer says:

i like this!!! MSI Rocks.


My Style Inside !

Germany BenchBros says:

Nice :)

United Kingdom borandi says:

Go MSI and HWBot! :)

Monthly MSI competition?

Italy Delex says:


Australia SniperOZ says:

Great to hear

United States Rudster816 says:

Does this mean that MSI will send me a free 5870 Lightning because I use HWbot :D

United States Halo_003 says:

lol Rudster... This should be interesting, I wonder if any more companies will do this.

Taiwan Garrett_Wu says:

Thanks for thanking MSI. :D Thanks hwbot and OC community for giving MSI so many feedback!

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