Team Finland LN2 OC Meeting

Team Finland LN2 OC Meeting

It’s definitly not easy getting started with extreme overclocking, or overclocking for benchmark scores for that matter. In the old days, when men were still men and most of us still playing Counter Strike getting started with extreme overclocking meant having the guts to order a couple kilos of Dry Ice, killing a couple of boards because of the lack of insulation and, most of all, spending hours and hours reading about extreme overclocking. Nowadays, experiences overclockers such as SF3D appear on local team sessions to meet up with the upcoming guarde to show how LN2 works and let them get familiar with the ‘stuff’.

Who was attending the event: Asmola, hOLIC, SeMbEr, Koneksi, Junksu, SF3D.

The Video

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Dreadlockyx says:

End of the World theme :D Anyway, nice video. ;)

Germany speddy411 says:

Great Video... Great Scores for the first Time using LN2. Cant wait to play with LN2 the also first time. ;) What Theme you used ? Sounds amazing.

United States Halo_003 says:

That was pretty awesome. LN2 looks like a blast.

France lord-cronos says:

very very nice video I love that so much

Finland Asmola says:

That weekend was all worth it, SeMbEr and Junksu ended up on second place on Gigabyte Intel P55 OC Challenge! Congratulations!

Belgium Massman says:

I must say the Finnish team impressed me very much at the competition yesterday!

Finland sember says:

That ROC event really was helpfull and a lot of fun! :) Even tough i have used P55 platform only about 3hours with single stage, day before gigabyte challenge and we ended on second place! Was nice to see famous overclockers and see that with some luck we can do pretty good results too. I hope we will see again somwhere Massman, and thanks :D

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