The king is dead, all hail the king.

The king is dead, all hail the king.


In our weekly member hall of fame report yesterday we wrote a heavy fight was going on between reigning champion k|ngp|n and onepagebook of OCX Team Insano. It didn’t take OPB long to show who’s the clear winner. With 7 golden trophies and 90 hwboints lead, k|ngp|n will have a very hard time getting his throne back. While k|ngp|n was first yesterday, he now has to watch out not being overtaken by Duke, proud owner of a pair of 8800GTX’s.

At moment of writing onepagebook holds no less than 7 world records: 3Dmark06, Aquamark, PCMark05, Sifost Sandra, Superpi 1M & 32M and Pifast. Conrgatulations, OPB!


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