Revision 3.6 - HWBOT goes international

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Revision 3.6 – HWBOT goes international

hwbotorg.pngAttentive HWBOT visitors will have already noticed some of the new features coming with the latest revision of HWBOT, but to make sure you’ve seen them all we’ve compiled one news article that summates all features. The latest revision of HWBOT was has been tagged R3.6; however, since R3.6 is actually the postponed release of features originally planned in R3.5, we’ll include the R3.5 features (released a week and a half ago) as well.

The new stuff can be split up in three different sections: ‘HWBOINTS and rankings’, ‘User functionality’ and ‘HWBOT international’.

ranking First of all, we will go over some minor changes to the HWBOINTS algorithm, the added scoping and filtering of rankings and a couple of other small things such as inner-team rankings. After that, we’ll talk about the large amount of handy features and updates added to improve the end-user HWBOT experience, for instance notifications and livestream, YouTube integration, adding pictures to old submission and so on. Lastly, we’ll introduce the concept of HWBOT international, or HWBOT regional, for which we’ve prepared the HWBOT website to suite localized translations and languages.

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