Topalof wins Gigabyte H55/H57 OC Challenge!

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Netherlands Hammer_NL says:

"45% of the H55 overclockers used a Gigabyte mainboard. After this competition, 65% of the H55 submissions have been done using a Gigabyte mainboard!" Meaning it's paying off on gigabyte side to sponsor this site :) Looks like a win-win to me ^^

Australia SniperOZ says:

Thanks to Gigabyte and Hwbot for a grate Challenge
and congrats to Topalof well done mate


jabski says:

congrats to Topalof. Nice work buddy :)

France Topalof says:

thank you all,and thank you to gigabyte :)

France Topalof says:

and thank you Hwbot of course :D

Australia dasa says:

Congrats Topalof and SniperOZ Thanks Gigabyte for the comp it was good fun

United States Hondacity says:

congrats winners..... all hardwork paid off...

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