Week 46 - Member rankings - 8800GTX rampage.

Week 46 – Member rankings – 8800GTX rampage.

Some major shifting happening at the global member rankings. Team OCX Insano‘s leading member onepagebook surprised us by capturing first place this week, only to be taken over by k|ngp|n again the day after. The struggle is going to be hard now nvidia’s 8800GTX has been released. Those who have had their hands on a 8800GTX from day one where able push their way into the top 10, witnessing Duke‘s and PcCI2iminal amazing rush for the top. Whether they can hold this spot for more than a week remains the question.

week 46 memberThe battle is fierce as the point difference between OPB and K|ngp|n is only 20points, and the difference between #5 (mtzki) and #10 (macci) is only a mere 50 points: one top 5 superpi or 3dmark result may bring you right into the top 3. We’re going to witness some interesting weeks in the 3Dmark area!

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