Shamino also tests GTX480 ...

Shamino also tests GTX480 …

Even on the day of the press release, people were already submitting LN2 overclocking results of the new Nvidia Geforce GTX480. At this moment, the results aren’t as high as we’d all would want them to be as the voltage modifications are not public yet. Shamino, Evga’s in-house overclocker, has modified the Vgpu and tested the GTX480 under LN2 with some surprising results.

Reading in between the lines of the conversation it becomes clear that the GTX480 is, just as the GTX275 and upper GT200 products, very memory bandwidth limited. So, in the contrary to the Radeon 5870, where the memory frequency plays a minor role in terms of performance, it seems that we’ll have to push the memory a lot higher to gain performance. Problematic, however, since the Samsung memory doesn’t seem to like the cold spreading through the PCB all too much. More Vmem should solve this problem, of course.

In terms of coldbugging, Shamino states that the card doesn’t have any problem with cold as long as you modify the card. How and where to mod, that is still left uncovered. As I’ve mentioned before, however, too much cold will damage the overclockability of the memory, which then hurts the resulting performance, so there’s no real need to go as cold as possible at this moment.

According to Shamino, he needs approximately -100°C and 1.35V to reach 1.1GHz, -140°C for 1150MHz. Maybe for a cascade, you’d think? Well, not if it can’t handle 500W of load …

As for the performance, many suggest that an 1100MHz GTX480 is performing roughly the same as a 1350MHz Radeon 5870 (in GT3 3Dmark06). In Vantage, the card is a little less performant, due to the drivers, but it’ll make up in 3DMark03 for sure. Now, the only thing we’re still waiting for is the numbers it produces in 3DMark01 …


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Source: Kingpincooling forums


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A lot of interesting info in the thread over at kingpincooling :)

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Bow to the master :)

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finally something to stop those red's from jerking off

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No one is benching '01 anymore, what the hell! :S

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Bro...2k1 with Gulftown is not quite sweet as pie. :D

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There is still a ton of E8600/REX or any other P45 systems lying around :D

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Way to go shammy...

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