Steelrat and MaJ0r win Ukrainian Overclocking Championship 2010


Belgium Massman says:


Hope you guys had fun

Belgium richba5tard says:


jabski says:

congrats :)

Russian Federation NeoForce says:

Grats guys!

Germany BenchBros says:

Nice tweaking contest, congrats!

Austria Turrican says:

congratz guys :)

Ukraine SteelRat says:

Yeeep, it was a great event! Thanks friends! )

United States Brian y. says:

Looks like you guys had a great time:) Big props to giga for hosting!

Russian Federation SV1SH says:

congratz guys!

Ukraine says:

Ivent was good. Thx gigabyte for all.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

congraty lads

Taiwan janet.ji says:

cool! :)

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