GIGABYTE Announces "OC Guru is You" Graphics Card Online Competition

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Belgium Massman says:

I wonder if we'll see 1500MHz GPUs in the next month :)

K404 says:

Muahahahaaaaaaa ;)

Greece Boton says:

It is required only gigabyte hd 5870 or it can be used another gigagyte graphics card?

United States steponz says:

The rules are a little confusing... Are we only allowed to use one 5870 card? or multiple 5870 cards?

Belgium Massman says:

Single 5870

Greece Stelaras says:

And "retail hardware" means no ES . Right ?

Belgium Massman says:

That is correct, Stelaras

Greece Boton says:

Thnx massman....:D

Argentina Pekalion says:

So, any 5870 can be used? Or is only Gigabyte 5870? And just the gpu score is taking in count, nice that one =)

Belgium Massman says:

The rules explicitly say: Gigabyte mainboard and Gigabyte videocard.

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