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HWBOT goes international

Yes, this feature was announced some time ago, but since this morning it has actually reached the production phase. Every single overclocker is now able to enjoy the wonders of the bot in his or her favorite language. If you want to browse through overclocking results, rankings or other HWBOT pages in Russian, Chinese or Dutch … no problem: just select any of these languages as your primary language.

The procedure to change your primary language counts three simple steps which can be caught underneath small image.


The first step is to go to ‘My account‘, then indicate the preferred language and end by clicking ‘change profile’. Done!

If you can’t find your favorite language, it’s more than likely the translation hasn’t been done yet. No panic, it’s perfectly possible to add this language; just check out the HWBOT Internationalization sub-forum for more details.


TiN says:

Russian local is not good :( Switched back to english.

TiN says:

And maybe possible better to have bot english default, when not logged in? Not tied to geoadress of visitor.

Belgium richba5tard says:

The translations will be improved over time...

Argentina cristian.a says:

spanish is missing!!!!!! please include it!

Belgium richba5tard says:

Please translate it!!! :P http://hwbot.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=56

Mexico Solid Snake - XS says:

Spanish :(

France anvil says:

Can we have it in binary ?

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

anvil said: Can we have it in binary ?
Brilliant idea! :D

TiN, тебя не устраивает качество или количество перевода? Я сейчас собираюсь ту простыню в 65Кб переводить. Но перевод статей и новостей пока невозможен на уровне движка - ты, часом, не об этом?

Greece stealth says:

Can't see Greek...:p


Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Ask Hipro :D

Argentina Luis_Macias says:

Please add Spanish.

Belgium richba5tard says:

We don't have a Spanish crew member so we need community assistance for Spanish translation. http://hwbot.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=56

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