Asus Rampage III Extreme informational slides

Asus Rampage III Extreme informational slides

With Gulftown released a couple of days ago, mainboard manufacturers are starting to bring out their solutions for the massive load coming from that single chip. Gigabyte already released the X58A-UD7 a few weeks before the launch and Evga’s Classified is strong enough to deal with Gulftown from the moment it got released, it seems. Asus is bringing their latest ROG-series board and over at, so informational slides were published.

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101.JPG 71.JPG 461.JPG
131.JPG 141.JPG


41.png 51.png 61.png
71.png 81.png 91.png
101.png 111.png 121.png
131.png 141.png 151.png
161.png 171.png 181.png

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Belgium Massman says:

The boards looks A LOT like the Classified, but then again ... maybe that's how to develop a great board.

I really hope this board handles Gulftown properly.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Thanks for posting this, Pieter-Jan. I really like how ASUS treats both Intel aswell as AMD extreme overclocking market pretty much the same. Note the similarity between Rampage III Extreme and Crosshair IV Extreme. This is where many other 'high-end' board makers fail. Thank god for Biostar though :P

Belgium richba5tard says:

Hey MM, you're resizing large pictures as thumbnails again. Remember how we spiked in data traffic in Januari? :P

Belgium Massman says:

Huh? I thought that was because of the thumbail in the excerpt? I was paying close attention to the excerpt ... did I screw up? @ Tiborrr: I see Gigabyte and MSI doing the same 'type' of high-end AMD board, althought the Asus comes with loads and loads of extra's. Do note that having products on both markets doesn't mean they have better products ... hehe. Now, what would Asus really look cool is if they'd partner-up with HWBOT.

Belgium richba5tard says:

Yes that was because of a resized big image to make it look like a thumbnail. It's not a disaster because you did not make this mistake in an excerpt, but this page now loads slow and causes necessary traffic.

Dreadlockyx says:

You can overclock your computer when you're at school/in the toilet. xD

United States BenchZowner says:

And the next model will come in a RC car case with wheels and a remote control so you can overclock it "on the run" :p

Belgium Massman says:

Maybe it'll come with wings so you can overclock it "on the fly"

United States BenchZowner says:

Massman said: Maybe it'll come with wings so you can overclock it "on the fly"

That's a brilliant idea.
Women could also use them in their underpants when they have... plumbing issues :p

United States steponz says:

Now thats

Netherlands diezel says:

i hope it is a good oc bord

kikicoco1334 says:

any 1 know anything about x68? is it gonna b out anytime soon?

Belgium Massman says:

around 2011?

Netherlands diezel says:

any one know anything of the price of the rex 3

Belgium Massman says:

~ to R2E at launch.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Milan from Asus told us at CeBIT around 380 euro's

Poland proste71 says:

the board looks awesome :)

Netherlands diezel says:

ASUS ROG Rampage III Extreme LGA1366 Motherboard Preview.

Belgium richba5tard says:

Thanks for the link. :)

Netherlands diezel says:

your welkom mate

Germany Gunhead says:

Very nice Board :D

Iran nasiban says:

this is my dream

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