Asus Rampage III Extreme informational slides

Asus Rampage III Extreme informational slides

With Gulftown released a couple of days ago, mainboard manufacturers are starting to bring out their solutions for the massive load coming from that single chip. Gigabyte already released the X58A-UD7 a few weeks before the launch and Evga’s Classified is strong enough to deal with Gulftown from the moment it got released, it seems. Asus is bringing their latest ROG-series board and over at, so informational slides were published.

51.JPG 11.JPG
101.JPG 71.JPG 461.JPG
131.JPG 141.JPG


41.png 51.png 61.png
71.png 81.png 91.png
101.png 111.png 121.png
131.png 141.png 151.png
161.png 171.png 181.png

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