Signature engine test run

Signature engine test run

The hwbot signature engine has been released yesterday, and we already had some great feedback.

The signature engine allows you to create a signature with you personal info embedded, like your user info (points, awards, world records, …) and team info (points, ranking, …). It’s completely configurable, nothing is hardcoded, so you can choose your own background, font/size/style, which info to display and where, …

If you want to try it out, go to your hwbot user profile and you’ll find the code you’ll have to copy&paste into your forum user profile.

Functionality to create custom templates will be released soon. My signature is the default hwbot template.

known issues:

  • verdana bold font not installed on server, the users nickname/team & points are not in the correct font atm.
  • caching not up and running yet. currently it’s generated at request, but this will put too much load on the server if it gets popular. It may load slowly untill the caching system is put into place.
  • transparancy issues with global trophies (they’re a bit larger than the hw trophies)
  • signature will if your ranking never has been calculated before, which happens every 6h

The last 2 bugs will be fixed at 6PM +1GMT.

Let us known what you think in the forums.

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