Get ready for HWBOT REV3.5

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Get ready for HWBOT REV3.5

Hold on to your panties as somewhere this week HWBOT Engine revision 3.5 will be released. It will include a few long awaited features like manufacturer rankings (eg. AMD rankings), integration with youtube and livestream, team rankings, world record bonus points, notifications and much more.


You’ll be informed when your submissions change rank or points, or when you gain achievements. Small (eg +0.1 points) or irrelevant changes (rank changed from 269 to 270) are not shown.


Manufacturer rankings

Want to check the 3DMark 06 rankings with an AMD processor? Or SuperPi with G.Skill memory? Or the 3DMark 03 ranking with Nvidia 8800 GT in Europe? Any ranking you can think of is available in rev3.5, and just a click away.

AMD 3DMark 06 2x cpu cores ranking for Germany:
Ranking mayhem

GIGABYTE wPrime 4x cpu cores ranking for Germany:
Ranking mayhem - mb

Corsair MaxxMem ranking for Europe:
Ranking mayhem - mem

Inner team rankings

On popular demand, an extra tab on your team profile page will show the inner team rankings for each popular benchmark.

Team rankings

Youtube and livestream integration

Link a youtube and livestream account to your profile and you’ll notify other hwbot members when you are doing a benchmark session. When using livestream, “live” streams will be shown on the front page. You will also be able to link a specific youtube movie to a submission. Don’t forget to tag your youtube movie with “HWBOT”!

Video tab

Livestream and chat

Improved manufacturer pages

For me the stat junkies amongst us, the manufacturer pages have undergone a major overhaul to include tons of usefull stats and all manufacturer products. Want to know which memory kit G.Skill produces for DDR3 and which one performs the best? No problem!

Manufacturer pages - motherboards

Intel Core i5 products:
Manufacturer pages - products

Improved hardware specification pages

The processor, videocard, memory, motherboard and motherboard chipset pages have been polished to show more and better info. The gallery has also been vastly improved.

New hardware gallery

HWBOINTS addition: World record points

While revision 2.0 unjustly rewarded people benching with 4 videocards at stock speed, revision 3.0 punishes some world records because the 4 videocards ranking is not that rewarding. For these people, world record points has been introduced. People will gain an additional 100 points for achieving a world record, even if they have a better score in a different ranking (eg 2x videocard GPU) for the same benchmark. The top 10 world records will be awarded, from 100 to 5 bonus points. Please note this only applies to 3D rankings.

World record points

HWBOT revision 3.6

Revision 3.5 will be short lived as we intend to release 3.6 shortly after. Revision 3.6 will include all internationalisation features, and provide you with HWBOT in your own language with localised news and competitions.

National rewards:
country ranking

When logged into HWBOT Germany, all rankings are scoped to Germany by default:
Nation ranking

And of course, there have been dozens of bugfixes too. :)

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