AMD Phenom II X6 slides leaked


Belgium Massman says:

Hehe, funny how slides are leaked the day Gulftown NDA is over :-).

Anyway, rumours go that these hexacores will feature the same overclockability as the current generation of Phenom II X4's and hopefully they will be launched at a much lower prize than the Gulftowns. If so, we could have GT performance at a 965BE prize :D

Norway knopflerbruce says:

If the overclockability is the same, they'll get closer to GT OC'ed than they are vs Nehalem atm.:) Good news!

Slovenia tiborrr says:

95W 955BE? Perhaps a new stepping? RB-C4? :battle:

Dreadlockyx says:

Maybe I'll buy one of these instead of an 5670...

Colombia e-Killer says:

im awaiting for some Reviews or Overclocking abbility, i dont want spend 1000+ USD on Gulftown and after this 6Core AMD kicks Gulftown at 1/4 price.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

It won't kick's Gulftown's ass, that's for sure, but It will be pretty darn competitive. Hell of a deal, considering the price :P

Estonia G80 says:

Good price and easy OC! :D

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