AMD Phenom II X6 slides leaked

AMD Phenom II X6 slides leaked

Probably not coincidentally, but two slides were leaked on the German hardware website revealing some of the details of the upcoming AMD Phenom II X6 series. One of the slides tells us that the X6 series will be following the 1000-series nametags whereas the other one tells us when the Thubans are supposed to be launched.



(Source: [DE])


Belgium Massman says:

Hehe, funny how slides are leaked the day Gulftown NDA is over :-).

Anyway, rumours go that these hexacores will feature the same overclockability as the current generation of Phenom II X4's and hopefully they will be launched at a much lower prize than the Gulftowns. If so, we could have GT performance at a 965BE prize :D

Norway knopflerbruce says:

If the overclockability is the same, they'll get closer to GT OC'ed than they are vs Nehalem atm.:) Good news!

Slovenia tiborrr says:

95W 955BE? Perhaps a new stepping? RB-C4? :battle:

Dreadlockyx says:

Maybe I'll buy one of these instead of an 5670...

Colombia e-Killer says:

im awaiting for some Reviews or Overclocking abbility, i dont want spend 1000+ USD on Gulftown and after this 6Core AMD kicks Gulftown at 1/4 price.

Slovenia tiborrr says:

It won't kick's Gulftown's ass, that's for sure, but It will be pretty darn competitive. Hell of a deal, considering the price :P

Estonia G80 says:

Good price and easy OC! :D

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