New player on the LN2 container market named Reeven

New player on the LN2 container market named Reeven

Lab501, the leading source for hardware news and reviews in Romania, came back from Cebit with interesting news regarding the LN2 container market. Reeven, a Taiwanese company, announced a new LN2 CPU pot which has been developed in cooperation with the members of Team Japan, a world-renowned overclocking team …

The pot has a semi-solid design. In other words: copper base with nickel plating in combination with an aluminum tube. According to Lab501, it quite a bit of mass as well as holes more suiteable for the lowest temperatures. It will be available at beginning of April at a retail price of roughly USD $150, distributed by Scythe in Japan.

After the launch of the CPU pot, Reeven will launch also a bench table with an in-house designed hold-down mounting mechanism (again, Team Japan design) made completely from aluminum. The price of the bench table is still unknown.

reeven8-580x4721.jpg reeven9-562x5801.jpg reeven11-580x5261.jpg

(Source: Lab501)


Belgium Massman says:

Looking good? $150 is pretty cheap, though.

Any idea if Scythe will launch this in EU/US as well?

Belgium richba5tard says:

Look good, but surely it can't beat an all coper solution like the F1?

Belgium Massman says:

Question is ... how much different is there in performance? In my experience, it's not so much about the pot, but mainly about the one who's pouring. I mean: if a pot is decent, it's just upto the user to get familiar with the dynamics of the pot and you'll be able to get ~ results.

Denmark xt0m says:

looks like a ripoff of one of otterauge's pots imo..

kikicoco1334 says:

i have been shopping for pot lately and that's a very good news to me =)

Belgium HybridChiller says:

this is interesting

Germany der8auer says:

Well design and mounting are not new but the Price is Nice :]

Russian Federation Lex_ says:

And as LN poured into a pot? Mounting pot will prevent filling LN.

United Kingdom r1ch says:

Looks like a koolance rev2. How on earth are you meant to warm that pot up from coldbug?

ScunnyUK says:

Looking at the first piccy , the board next to the bench setup shows pictures of 'normal' socket mounting with screws! Wonder if its included in price??

Iran Majid OC says:

Very nice design for CPU-Z records...

Japan CAL930 says:

Team JAPAN does not participate in development of this POT

Japan Gyrock says:

I'm afraid the table isn't Team Japan design as well..

Belgium Massman says:

CAL930 said: Team JAPAN does not participate in development of this POT

Oh. Lab501 reported you did?

Anyone knows where the confusion comes from?

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