New player on the LN2 container market named Reeven


Belgium Massman says:

Looking good? $150 is pretty cheap, though.

Any idea if Scythe will launch this in EU/US as well?

Belgium richba5tard says:

Look good, but surely it can't beat an all coper solution like the F1?

Belgium Massman says:

Question is ... how much different is there in performance? In my experience, it's not so much about the pot, but mainly about the one who's pouring. I mean: if a pot is decent, it's just upto the user to get familiar with the dynamics of the pot and you'll be able to get ~ results.

Denmark xt0m says:

looks like a ripoff of one of otterauge's pots imo..

kikicoco1334 says:

i have been shopping for pot lately and that's a very good news to me =)

Belgium HybridChiller says:

this is interesting

Germany der8auer says:

Well design and mounting are not new but the Price is Nice :]

Russian Federation Lex_ says:

And as LN poured into a pot? Mounting pot will prevent filling LN.

United Kingdom r1ch says:

Looks like a koolance rev2. How on earth are you meant to warm that pot up from coldbug?

ScunnyUK says:

Looking at the first piccy , the board next to the bench setup shows pictures of 'normal' socket mounting with screws! Wonder if its included in price??

Iran Majid OC says:

Very nice design for CPU-Z records...

Japan CAL930 says:

Team JAPAN does not participate in development of this POT

Japan Gyrock says:

I'm afraid the table isn't Team Japan design as well..

Belgium Massman says:

CAL930 said: Team JAPAN does not participate in development of this POT

Oh. Lab501 reported you did?

Anyone knows where the confusion comes from?

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