Geforce GTX470 works using 196.78 beta drivers

Geforce GTX470 works using 196.78 beta drivers

Just a week ago, Nvidia re-confirmed the rumors that Fermi will be available in retail the 26th of March. Although only very little information has been spread so far (read: serious lack of performance numbers), it seems that the drivers supporting the upcoming GTX470 are already available.

OBR, known from overclocking forums such as and writer for the Czech website, has released some screenshots showing a functional GTX470 sample, albeit still no performance figures. According to Techpowerup, the card was using an A3 revision GF100 silicon and is using indeed the expected 448 CUDA cores (SIMD units). Furthermore, it has 1280 MB of GDDR5 memory and a 320-bit wide memory interface.

62a1.png 62c1.jpg


(Source: Techpowerup, PCTuning)

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