Intel Core i7 980X available in retail

Intel Core i7 980X available in retail

Different sources have already confirmed this message: the newest Intel processor, the 6-core/12-thread counting product codenamed Gulftown Core i7 980X, clocked at 3.33GHz and armed with 12MB of L3 cache, is now available in the retail stores.

Although they can now be ordered from the different webshops, we’re still one day removed from lifting NDA, which means that the 980X scores will get points as of tomorrow 6AM GMT+1 (or a bit sooner/later that day). As for the people who didn’t get their hands on an early birdie I do have to warn you for the size of the prize-tag. Even in Germany, which is relatively okay in terms of hardware prices (especially in Europe) the chips come at a retail price of close to €1000.

Of course we expect lots of those samples to be sold in the next couple of days to people who also have an HWBOT account.


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