Cedar Mill Overclocking Champion on air, phase-change and LN2

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Cedar Mill Overclocking Champion on air, phase-change and LN2


The HWBOT database consists of 400,000 results which all contain valuable information, provided by the overclocking community. Of course, we can rank your results and give you points for them, but we can also gather all that information and provide you insightful information. Today, we have compiled a list of the overclockability of CPU architectures based on cooling

As the excerpt already mentioned, we have compiled a chart of the best overclocking CPU architectures based on cooling type. Before we have a look at the actual charts, I need to explain you how we compiled these charts so you can have a better understanding of the numbers. First of all, we did not target a specific benchmark application, but used all the 400,000 results to calculate the average overclock. Next, we eliminated the entries that are completely out of line, for instance because of incorrectly scanned frequency by Wprime, by only taking into account the cpu frequencies below 8500MHz. Thirdly, we search for a specific cooling indicated by the user. In this case, we looked for “air cooling”, “single stage phase change cooling” and “liquid nitrogen cooling”. If you didn’t change the cooling type, or chose another cooling type, your result isn’t used in the charts.

At first, we only took into account those architectures that had 100+ results in the database, but instead we opted to not set a limitation to the amount of entries but show the amount in the chart itself.

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