Placid takes February OC Challenge Crown - S754 WR shattered!

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Placid takes February OC Challenge Crown – S754 WR shattered!

Last month, HWBOT held another low-level OC Challenge in the form of a S754 reference clock competition. The aim was to get the highest HTT clock frequency and, if possible, breaking the former record of 469.41MHz. To our surprise, no less than FOUR overclockers managed to beat this record and go well beyond 470MHz HTT frequency. In the end, it was Placid who took the win having a mere 0.73MHz more than Bones.

LINK: link to Placid’s winning score



Needless to say that most of the overclockers used a DFI motherboard for this OC Challenge. In fact, no less than 55% of this month’s entries were using a mainboard from DFI! Apart from Asrock (yes, weird, I know), no other brand was chosen more than 2 times to serve as platform. A noteworthy attempt with a non-DFI motherboard certainly is Alex@Lion’s 443.11MHz using an Abit NV8.

Congratulations Placid!


Belgium Massman says:

Very nice Placid!

Belgium bartolomius says:

congrats :)

Indonesia ekky jengkol says:

congrats mate :)

Indonesia bondhahnmrt85 says:

Congratz. U r the best ol-skool OCer :top:

Indonesia placid says:

Thx for congratulation :D :D :D
now the DFI was die ahahahaha...
here is the WR breaker before dying ;)

He die as hero for me :)

Austria Turrican says:

too bad it died, but congratz anyway :celebration:

Indonesia placid says:

If I get another, plan to hit 500 MHz barrier :)

Dreadlockyx says:

Good luck :D

United States Bones says:

Luckily mine is no worse for the wear.
Too bad your board died but that's how it goes sometimes but it did go out as a champ so be proud of it.
I'll be going after it again VERY SOON I promise. As close as we were, I don't see why I shoudn't try to hit 500 myself.

You didn't kill the CPU chip too did you?
Hope not.

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Congrats both to Placid for getting the first place and Bones for being first to beat the previous record and being just a bit behind.

Indonesia placid says:

@Bones : I didn't killed my proc yet.

I've been received the prize for this OC Challenge.
Yeaah Gigabyte P55A-UD7 is in the house. Many thanks to :
- everyone in HWBOT especially Mr. Pieter-Jan Plaisier
- everyone in Gigabyte Taiwan
- my lovely DFI nF4
- all my friend in placido oc team n all Indonesian Overclocker

I hope this OC Challenge will be more competitive... and the bigger prize too ;)

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