Optimal GPU Overclocking with the GIGABYTE Ultimate Super Overclock Series

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Belgium Massman says:

In short: worth to try for top R5870 scores :D

Cote D metalop1g says:

Neat. It almost sounds like it works better air cooled than water cooled or ln2 or whatever! XD

Portugal nuno_p says:

On this way nvidia is dying slowly. :S

Poland jurek says:

somethin' like msi lightening? :P

Greece $@39@ says:

maybe better...but before testing it we are unable to know.

United States BenchZowner says:

I shall have one soon :D

Belgium Massman says:

I think Benny did 1320/1320 (facebook)

Australia Dinos22 says:

i got one of these and MSI lightning
on air i have problems clocking both to anything decent but this one runs a bit cooler and will OC a bit more.....core and RAM
i'll try some LN2 next weekend hopefully...just need to sort some things out
im hoping mine will have no cold bug like cookies ;):D

Australia snappy1 says:

Looking forward to your results dinos

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