Team AU does LAN Party - The video

Team AU does LAN Party – The video

At the beginning of this month, the members of the Australian elite overclocking team Team.AU attended one of Australia’s biggest LAN party to show the gamer community what overclocking is all about. Just a few minutes ago, Dinos22 posted this 10 minutes high-quality HD video of this event. Worth to take a look!


Belgium Massman says:

Too ... much ... counterstrike!

Pretty neat to see someone game on an LN2-cooled rig, though.

Dreadlockyx says:

Even not Bad Company 2 ?! :(

Germany Domowoi says:

Why do they play CS in windowmode?

dexterdude says:

or gaming on the phase chanse instalation preaty neat ass well

Canada mega_option101 says:

Very nice :)

Germany PLAGANOS says:

really cool :D it reminds me of our first AwardFabrik Overclocking-lan. looks like a nice atmosphere there !

United States rickarter says:

Nice work seen these guys on vid on youtube b4 good stuff!

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