Clarkdale i3 WR overclocking attempt ... fails

Clarkdale i3 WR overclocking attempt … fails

I just found this 13-day old thread over at The topic looks to be Core i3 overclocking, although I’m not sure whether it’s really about overclocking. In some way, this overclocking attempt seems to be close to epic fail … good for a laugh, though!

Part 1

Part 2


Belgium Massman says:

Pretty hilarious if you ask me!

Denmark M.Beier says:

rofl :-) That guy is hardcore

Dreadlockyx says:

100% Crazy inside

Eeky NoX says:

Rahh! can't understand why as usual cus of no description :( ...what happens ?

United States kow_ciller says:

LOL! His suit makes it priceless.

kikicoco1334 says:

my just loled

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Love the lab outfit :)

Germany der8auer says:

xD made my day

United States 1BadMoJoe says: I know what I'm getting myself into;p I'm going to the store right now and get me some of that Dry Ice.

Australia Dinos22 says:

omg...shit.... pleeeeease make it work i'm tyra, it's a one floorty in tha mornin look at that shit one floorty i gotta go to bed im freezing i gotta... oh shit did you see screeeeeen ROFL this guy is hillarious...massman what sort of award can you guys arrange for this guy hahahahha

Belgium Massman says:

An OC-Darwin Award?

Argentina Pekalion says:

Maybe the White-Sh!tou-Ninja OC Award? xD

United Kingdom Sam__ says:

wow, just wow. im stuck for words at the sheer ammount of fail.

Netherlands Sanders says:

I think this guy is totally pro, from now on i have a new hero!

United States G H Z says:

lol fun stuff...ya pekalion that's it!!

New Zealand Deanzo says:

Thats just great, so much win.

Portugal Xun1ng says:

H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E Ahah

United States Stone_age says:

Funny stuff!!!!

United States Brian y. says:

this is simply the most amazing overclocking video I have ever seen............

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