The paradox of a fair overclocking competition

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Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Nice work! A bit of philosophical thoughts and nothing screaming new but having discussion about different aspects in one place is useful.

Colombia e-Killer says:

Good Article Massman, I think hwbot algorythm now is fair than ever, that make more ppl can join into Overclocking League and force everyone get more competitive. Its Nice you have remove financial aspect from equation.

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Getting a good chip can be alot more than luck. I usually get alot of good chips, and I feel I know what I'm looking for when I buy one. It's not a result of $$$ or some lucky chip bought on newegg ;) Elimination that part would be eliminating skill, and that's not what we want to. Overclocking is about alot more than tweaks:)

Netherlands diezel says:

if i look at the top 2d scores i see only ES cpu's

Slovenia tiborrr says:

diezel: That's a current situation which emerges every time when a new technology is released. It will get flooded with retails samples soon enough, rest assured.

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