The R5870 Battle may begin!

The R5870 Battle may begin!

It has taken vendors a while to come up with their own PCB designs for the R5870, so up until today we had to settle for those sometimes poorly overclocking reference designs. However, in the next couple of weeks, three manufacturers are planning to release their customized version of ATI’s fastest single-GPU solution: Asus, GIGABYTE and MSI.

The overclockability of the GIGABYTE Super Overclocked edition has already been showed in a video made by Hicookie. Roughly 1400/1400MHz, which is, sadly enough, only slightly better than the best reference R5870s. MSI’s R5870 Lightning hasn’t been showed just yet, but a little birdie has told me results are on the way. Not only because that little birdie told me … also a bit because I have a sample sitting here on my desk. Asus’ Matrix card has been announced, yes, but sadly enough we haven’t seen any performance figures yet. If I recall correctly, the Matrix card does offer 2GB of memory, which might give Asus overclockers a small advantage in the long run. But those are just guesses … we’ll have to wait for the results to draw conclusions.

In any case, both GIGABYTE and MSI are now sending out their samples to top-overclockers, so I’m fairly sure we’ll be seeing a lot of world records broken in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

The Video


Belgium Massman says:

It's gonna be an interesting couple of weeks for sure!

Netherlands thijs says:

i was thinking of getting a new one, as the old one was literally c.r.a.p , but on a 2nd thought, i think im better of waiting for a bit. although i think the prices will be ridiculous ( even if they intend to make it 400, it'll sell for 450 anyway ) and the availability cant be to good from the start either :(

Portugal Xun1ng says:

Man just beautiful. I'm a starter, now on dice, then ln2 if I can. great clocks, greeeeeat clocks. Greetings from Portugal

unknown m i k e says:

anyone got popcorn???

Germany Don_Dan says:

Mike, no popcorn for you, only LN2! ;)

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