The R5870 Battle may begin!


Belgium Massman says:

It's gonna be an interesting couple of weeks for sure!

Netherlands thijs says:

i was thinking of getting a new one, as the old one was literally c.r.a.p , but on a 2nd thought, i think im better of waiting for a bit. although i think the prices will be ridiculous ( even if they intend to make it 400, it'll sell for 450 anyway ) and the availability cant be to good from the start either :(

Portugal Xun1ng says:

Man just beautiful. I'm a starter, now on dice, then ln2 if I can. great clocks, greeeeeat clocks. Greetings from Portugal

unknown m i k e says:

anyone got popcorn???

Germany Don_Dan says:

Mike, no popcorn for you, only LN2! ;)

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