Rampage III Extreme comes with OC Panel after all?


Belgium Massman says:

Asus heard the cry of the community and made an external OC Panel!


//EDIT! - apparently this OC Panel will not come with the R3E retail package. For extreme overclockers only ...

United Kingdom borandi says:

Does it look like it's connected via USB?

Finland Sampsa says:

Connected via ROG Connect with Asus' own modified USB or Bluetooth.

Russian Federation NeoForce says:

hehe, where we can see list of extreme overclockers? =) Hope they`ll show it on CeBIT

Netherlands Sanders says:

Stock cooler looks like crap though Or is it only for the picture?

Russian Federation Alexxx650 says:


Puerto Rico chispy says:

Nice Gadget :)

Portugal AndreVieira says:

Great :)

kikicoco1334 says:


Germany fuzz3l says:

I want this mainboard....now...:D

Dreadlockyx says:

Why are the Intel motherboards always the best ? Not fair :(

United States Brian y. says:

heatsink is not done yet, that is why you see that.....

Poland proste71 says:

Looks cOOl good job Asus

Netherlands diezel says:

OC Panel will not come with the R3E retail package that's stupid !!!

Eeky NoX says:

@Diezel: Talk about that to BenchZowner ;) ...well I have to say that I'm bored too with Asus comercial manipulations for a while now :(

kikicoco1334 says:

ok so when is the newer board gonna come out?

Belgium Massman says:

end of march IIRC

United States BenchZowner says:

Can't wait to flame torch one :D

Portugal Xun1ng says:

It's strange, the great overclockers can have it... The ones that try to be greats overclockers can't have it...

Germany marci aka headsh0t says:

Oh yes ! An ex OC panel LCD PostDisplay ! Perfect

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