Overclocking magazine PressBox publishes issue #3

Overclocking magazine PressBox publishes issue #3

Of course we all know the e-magazine ‘The Overclocker’, but I don’t think many people know the Greek alternative overclocking-minded magazine ‘PressBox’. Basically, this magazine informs the Greek community about overclocking, the hardware used for overclocking and the overclockers doing the … well, you know. Today, PressBox released its 3rd issue.

As you can see in underneath snapshots of the front-page of the newest and previous issues, the downside of this magazine is that it’s written only for the Greek speaking reading audience. At first sight maybe not such a big problem, but … well, I’d love to know what Hipro5 said in his interview published in the second issue of this magazine!

All jokes aside, at HWBOT we’re very pleased to see that people are motivated to create a new information source that deals with overclocking, even if it’s only for a local community. The magazine itself actually looks quite good and professional, so we hope that this project can evolve into whatever the writers/staff want it to become.

To read the latest issue, follow this link: http://press.hwbox.gr/

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(Issue #1, #2 and #3 – click to view issue)


Belgium Massman says:

Who wants to see the Hipro5 interview translated into English?

India thebanik says:

who doesnt wanna read the master speak, :)

Belgium nigel says:

i do ^^

Greece GoriLLakoS says:

We will translate all the interviews and give it to you then :) Thanks for posting the PressBox Massman :D ________ MAINE MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES

United States BenchZowner says:

Just don't translate the "massman sucks cojones" part GoriLLakoS :-p

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Oh, when they took the screenshot Hwbot was bugged obviously. On page 18 you can se 4 x PURE and 2 x AwardFabrik within the Top 10 = global domination :D

Belgium richba5tard says:

Link to pdf (for those like me who don't have flash): pdf

Belgium HybridChiller says:

the hole magazine needs to be in english for the rest of the world to know what greeks are doing lol

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Chiller said: the hole magazine needs to be in english for the rest of the world to know what greeks are doing lol

Yes, and when you report scores you should write in English so I can understand what you complain about ;)

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