The sound of a dying Clarkdale ...

The sound of a dying Clarkdale …

I was sent this video of a slowly dying Clarkdale. Although the heartbeat suggests it’s still alive in human terms, not being able to wake up after reaching status 34 is not a good sign. We wish the owner of this CPU a lot of strength during this difficult period.

Original Video


Denmark Nanok says:

I offer my condolences.

Italy Atlas Rush says:

I'm sorry for your lost, bro...condolement to you and to your family....(LOL)

Slovenia DaChampR says:

My Lynnfield is feeling terrible for your loss, R.I.P. little brother...

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Looks like a Clarkfail. :p

Dreadlockyx says:

Like in the hospitals: Bip... Bip... Bip...

Belgium Massman says:

@Hyperhorn: ROFL ... that joke made my day!

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Do CPR quickly , oh uh too late , Flat Line means is dead already :( , R.I.P. lol

Jor3llBR/Elano says:

Died with 1.5vcore / 1.4vtt / 1.8pll on simple water cooled shakedown tests... So if you don't have deep pockets stay away of OEM's and make sure you have the right to rma.

Thor says:

Hyperhorn said: Looks like a Clarkfail. :p


United Kingdom Evocarlos says:

doh! mine already died :) no warning just restart they dont like 2.1v pll ha ha :)

Belgium Massman says:

Why are you guys running these high PLLs anyway? I'm running 1.6V to boot under cold and it actually helps for beating coldbugs.

Jor3llBR/Elano says:

Massman the board boots at a 1.80pll as default. My temps were below 25oC. The chip died on post, no tests or load, just dead. These Retail Clarkdale'sare whimps :)

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Evocarlos: I experienced coldbug related issues when pumping Vpll above 1.9-2V.

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