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Another challenge to keep you busy

We’re continuing our series of monthly OC Challenges in February. In the contrary to January’s challenge, this time we will be focusing on mainboards and more specifically the overclockability of mainboards. For that, we have again selected an older platform to keep the entry cost as low as possible. Using a socket 754 mainboard, we will be competing in the newly added reference clock category.

Similar to the competition in January, this is a low-budget competition, so no fancy prizes. Whoever hits the highest reference clock wins a customized achievement.


Underneath is a list of the competition benchmark limitations:

* – Only use processors using Socket 754.
* – Validation name must be of the form “HWBOT // *nickname*”. For instance: “HWBOT // Massman”
* – Validation date must be later than February 1st, 2010
* – Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.

You can read the full list of rules in the rules section of the competition: link.