Patagonian breaks Argentinian national CPU-Z record

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Patagonian breaks Argentinian national CPU-Z record

We often forget that in the shadows of the recent 8.2GHz CPU-Z world record of TiN and SuperPI 1M 6.062s of NickShih, some people are fighting hard to get a local record down. A few days ago, we were contacted with the news that Patagonian, currently ranked 2nd in Argentina, broke the national CPU-Z world record of Blizzard. The Argentinian record is now set at 6753.25MHz.

imagen-117-resolucion-de-escritorio.jpg imagen-119-resolucion-de-escritorio.jpg


Result link: LINK


Mexico ChUcK says:

congratulation my friend, go go Excelente mi buen enhorabuena ñ.ñ

TiN says:

Awesome score on P4. I've tried some , but was cbugs at -30 :D

Argentina Sweet says:

Very good job, OC / AR is on the road again !!

Argentina liteon says:

the next step: 7ghz :) jejeje

Mexico Solid Snake - XS says:

good job my friend, LN2 Rulzzz

Argentina DieguitosyMafaldas says:

Beyond this result you are always promoting Overclock in the south, Undisputed, you're No. 1 in Argentina. Congratulations!

dexterdude says:

Congrats man =) still al lot bether than i am ;)

Belgium richba5tard says:

Sweet said: Very good job, OC / AR is on the road again !!

Sweet sig. :)

Dreadlockyx says:


Argentina Kmax says:

Yeah baby!! For us this is it a great improvement. Keep pushing beyond the limit OC/AR!!

Argentina DieguitosyMafaldas says:

Keep pushing!!!

Argentina Patagonian says:

Thanks to Massman! Thanks to our team! Slds

Austria Turrican says:

good work guys :)

Chile Blost says:

sigan asi, para poner bien alto a sudamerica en el oc

Spain Predator says:

Gran overclock Leandro! bien hecho amigo ;)

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