MSI removes coldbug from GD80/Trinergy/Fuzion

MSI removes coldbug from GD80/Trinergy/Fuzion

On monday, several overclockers were invited to the MSI OC Summit in Taipei to show MSI what extreme overclocking is all about. During this event, the overclockers (yes, including myself) were able to provide direct feedback to the engineers about problems they experienced when using an MSI mainboard. One of the problems mentioned the most was, of course, the struggle with the coldbug and coldbootbug, which was clearly keeping everyone from breaking any records.

Just today, MSI released the modifications to remove the coldbug issue from three of their P55 mainboards: the GD80, Trinergy and Fuzion. Although I just returned from a 16h+ trip, I had to test this out before going to sleep. The modification for the Trinergy mainboard seems to be working perfectly!

MSI P55-GD80 (back side)


MSI Big Bang Trinergy and Fuzion (front side)


– Previously: -95°C CBB, -110°C CB
– Now: -160°C CBB, -175°C CB


TiN says:

What signals doest affected by this resistor?
Looks like cpu's read temps w/o module? -95 understood as 95 so mobo turn off coz of "overheat"? :)

It not very secret, please report, so we can mod any other MSI mobos. :)

Belgium Massman says:

Shouldn't be thát secret as different manufacturers already knew about this. At the MSI Elite OC Summit, Elmor and myself have tried to isolate the thermtrip# by putting a plastic cover in between CPU and socket. I did not fix the coldbug at all. I'll see if I can persuade MSI in providing tech details here :)

TiN says:

That would be great, will help to mod other boards too.
Looked on some X58/P55 mobo schematics, there are also CATERR#, PECI (for digital temps readout i guess) signal on THERMAL section of CPU :)

Netherlands Gendo says:

The mod itself was great news, props to msi for that. But now to hear that it works is even better :D

Russian Federation GraduS says:


Cote D metalop1g says:

Wow, quite fantastic that the problem was solved so fast

Netherlands diezel says:

why not make make the mod standard on the board ?

Belgium Massman says:

I guess this mod involves some security issues in some way?

Eeky NoX says:

True! Security first as usual ...that's why it should stay on the mainstream cheaper mobos imho (sad for the others series :/ )

Belgium Massman says:

Eeky: Mainstream cheaper should have this mod? or not?

Italy D.O.C. says:

for rma?

Belgium Massman says:

Physical modification will probably void waranty ;-)

United States rickss69 says:

So, only those two points need to be joined to make effect?

Belgium Massman says:

Yeah ... it's that simple. Took me 10 seconds to mod.

TiN says:

BTW, no need to remove resistor, just enough to short pads with piece of thin wire. Shorted net will bypass any resistor.

Netherlands diezel says:

10 sec te mod your a fast man pieter jan

Hiwa says:

tnx for share

Eeky NoX says:

@Massman: nope nope that was just what I thought, but nothing affirmative from manufacturers ;) Wish I was wrong for sure, but with only a lil wire mod not really a problem for RMA ^^

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