MSI removes coldbug from GD80/Trinergy/Fuzion

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MSI removes coldbug from GD80/Trinergy/Fuzion

On monday, several overclockers were invited to the MSI OC Summit in Taipei to show MSI what extreme overclocking is all about. During this event, the overclockers (yes, including myself) were able to provide direct feedback to the engineers about problems they experienced when using an MSI mainboard. One of the problems mentioned the most was, of course, the struggle with the coldbug and coldbootbug, which was clearly keeping everyone from breaking any records.

Just today, MSI released the modifications to remove the coldbug issue from three of their P55 mainboards: the GD80, Trinergy and Fuzion. Although I just returned from a 16h+ trip, I had to test this out before going to sleep. The modification for the Trinergy mainboard seems to be working perfectly!

MSI P55-GD80 (back side)


MSI Big Bang Trinergy and Fuzion (front side)


– Previously: -95°C CBB, -110°C CB
– Now: -160°C CBB, -175°C CB

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