Chinese OC team breaks GT 240 world record

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Chinese OC team breaks GT 240 world record

I admit: I’m not only weak for overclocking the high-end cards, I’m also weak for overclocking mid-range and even low-end graphics cards. In fact, I’m so weak that whenever I get the opportunity to test a budget card under extreme cold, I will grab that opportunity with both hands and actually use liquid nitrogen to see how it clocks and behaves when put to extreme conditions.

In the past, I’ve already tested the GT 240 under cold and it yielded in a series of inexplicable issues, some of which I still can’t figure out at this very moment. One of those issues was the problematic clock frequencies reached when using liquid nitrogen, hence the reason why I was both impressed and pleased to see that someone else had taken on this card and pushed it as far as possible. The overclocking team of the famous Chinese website has managed a solid P9053 in 3DMark Vantage, clocking the Zotac GT 240 to 900/2450/1225MHz, which is by far the world record for this hardware category. Not on HWBOT, obviously, but that doesn’t make it less of a world record!

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