TIP: submit new scores instead of updating

TIP: submit new scores instead of updating

Over the last couple of weeks, we have received a lot of questions regarding scores that are not receiving points, or are receiving points but those points are not attributed to the personal or team’s total. In most cases, this can be fixed by the end-user by submitting the result as a new submission instead of updating an old submission.

The reason behind this problem is much more complex than what you’re going to read here, but to make it simple: the HWBoints engine doesn’t automatically search for updated submissions. This means that when you update a submission, the function that searches for you best submissions isn’t automatically enabled and in addition, sometimes the point-calculation function isn’t triggered either. From an administrator point of view, we can easily overcome this issue by manually triggering a recalculation of the best submissions. It doesn’t take that much effort to do this, but … it’s a lot easier if no one has to worry about the scores. In other words:

“It’s recommended to submit scores as new submissions instead of updating existing submissions”


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