Asus M3F, Clarkdale and Turbo-V software issue


unknown 149 says:

I faced such problem. I had to refuse use TurboV and to be limited to overclocking from under bios

South Africa Vivi says:

me2, i've had this issue with i7 860 on MIII GENE and on 975 RE II Gene using turbo V ;/

dexterdude says:

with my lynfield i get more BSOD than that the software works so i dont use ist anymore. maybye the software neerds some patches?

Brazil Rbuass says:

M3F (turbo V) always change VTT value here after icrease BCLK, unfortunably

Belgium Massman says:

At the Asus event in Sweden, I didn't experience any weird issues with the Turbo-V. But then again, it would have been weird if there were ;-)

United Kingdom sacha35 says:

If I am not mistaken I think that is because you where using Linfield CPU's, this problem has only shows up with Clarksdale that i used.

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