Asus M3F, Clarkdale and Turbo-V software issue

Asus M3F, Clarkdale and Turbo-V software issue

I just saw this over at Benchtec, posted by Sacha35:

“Heads up for all the extreme overclockers using the ASUS Maximus III Formula with the Clarksdale CPUs. There seems to be some incompatibility in the TurboV software when overclocking, when pushing BCLK the system will lock and change registers for VTT, PLL, and Dram. I’m not sure if this problem is apparent for normal usage/air or water overclocking, but for extreme use please note that you could run into problems with your CPUs when using the turboV software to raise the BCLK.

See picture below that clearly shows the registers changed from a setting of 1.35VTT and 1.7VPLL to 1.1VTT and 2.5PLL, when pushing BCLK, which will without any doubt will have a detrimental effect on your CPU.”


Apparently, Asus is working on a fix to solve the issue, but untill a solution has been found, please be careful when using the combination of Turbo-V and Clarkdale!



unknown 149 says:

I faced such problem. I had to refuse use TurboV and to be limited to overclocking from under bios

South Africa Vivi says:

me2, i've had this issue with i7 860 on MIII GENE and on 975 RE II Gene using turbo V ;/

dexterdude says:

with my lynfield i get more BSOD than that the software works so i dont use ist anymore. maybye the software neerds some patches?

Brazil Rbuass says:

M3F (turbo V) always change VTT value here after icrease BCLK, unfortunably

Belgium Massman says:

At the Asus event in Sweden, I didn't experience any weird issues with the Turbo-V. But then again, it would have been weird if there were ;-)

United Kingdom sacha35 says:

If I am not mistaken I think that is because you where using Linfield CPU's, this problem has only shows up with Clarksdale that i used.

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