[CES] Asus Rampage III Extreme

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[CES] Asus Rampage III Extreme

Although none of the HWBOT staff members is currently visiting the CES event in Las Vegas, we are following the news to find overclocking-related reports. One of the findings is a picture of the Asus Rampage III Extreme, which features more power connections and an added NF200 bridge. To me, the boards a lot (a lot, lot, lot) like Evga’s 4-Way Classified, though.


Source: Tomshardware.com


Belgium leeghoofd says:

IOH seems to be underdimensioned... let's hope this one lives up to the ROG name

Belgium Massman says:

More pics over at PCWorld.fr: http://www.pcworld.fr/2010/01/07/materiel/carte-mere/ces-2010-carte-mere-haut-gamme-asus-rampage-iii-extreme/467871/

Netherlands Gendo says:

What's with the molex connectors? I wasn't aware that people actually still use those :o I like the lay-out though, they did a good job copying the classy. Now the big question: can it compete when it comes to OC? We'll see :)

Belarus Gumanoid says:

24pin 2x8pin 2xMOLEX connectors - cazy-))

Greece junior-21- says:

when is it available?

United States fgeorge says:

omgz! thats so original..

Norway Kriztoffer says:

Let's hope this board can do some serious scores. Andre have done some sessions on it already, think his scores are at ORB, and they look really nice!

Netherlands diezel says:

I like the lay-out it is like classy
hope it works just as well or better

Germany BenchBros says:

I see a Supercap again... BOOOM :D

Germany der8auer says:

Looking good. Want to see it perform with a 980X

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Me wants ;)

Serbia Oki says:

do want !

Canada mega_option101 says:

Looks interesting :)

Italy orso232 says:

Evga 4way has two nf200, this Asus seems only one... right?

Italy bankai says:

yes orso rampage has 1 nf200

Netherlands diezel says:

What will that cost

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Still unreleased hardware right ? when will this be available for retail anyone knows ? me wants one badly as my old RIIE treated me good :)

China tiffanys110 says:

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