HWBOT Manufacturer Support Program 2010

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HWBOT Manufacturer Support Program 2010


In October 2009, HWBOT switched from a hobby-project to a semi-professional structure with one full-time employee and one ‘night-time’ employee. The result of the work of the past few months is visible for everyone: the website has undergone a significant design update, news and tweets are updated every day, we have added more benchmarks and are updating our hardware database structure to add more benchmarks and rankings based on mainboard and memory.

The downside of this story is that, as development and maintaining HWBOT takes up more time than you can imagine, we’re now more than ever actively looking for financial support. Although many have suggested working with paid subscriptions, the HWBOT staff remains of the opinion that we will not demand the overclocking community to support HWBOT financially; this site is free of use for the overclockers and it should remain so.

So, we have set up an HWBOT Manufacturer Support Program for manufacturers who are interested in becoming HWBOT partners. The program consists of various exposure possibilities as well as a few concept introductions for further competition development.

If you’re interested in learning more about this support program, please contact us at info@hwbot.org.

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