Important Bugfix: Range of decimals extended to 3

Important Bugfix: Range of decimals extended to 3

please_stand_by_4111.jpgApart from the obvious major updates, Revision 3 of HWBot actually contains plenty of smaller updates as well. A very important update is that the range of decimals for benchmark applications such as SuperPI and Wprime has been extended from 2 to 3. This means that scores that were equal for the HWBot engine, but not for the human eye, can now be updated in order to correctly rank the scores.

By the way, we have also hard-coded the order by which benchmarks are ranked: first by score (obviously) and secondly by date. In case of equal scores, the result that has been submitted to the database the first (in other words: oldest) is ranked first.


Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

nice! THat was very important for the rankings! Thanks for still ironing some bugs!

Mexico Solid Snake - XS says:

Nice, thanks

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