The British way to bench the bot ...

The British way to bench the bot …

There are a few different ways to make your way to the top of the Overclockers League: you can spend hours and hours of pre-testing hardware, then move to the LN2 testing and re-testing and finally have a few great sessions with the entire system under LN2, which requires utmost concentration and attention for voltages, frequencies, temperatures, performance scaling and so on.

Or … you can do it the British way: eliminate yourself from your peer group to sit alone in a dark, damp and cold garden house, have beers until you’ve removed the inhibitions that kept you from applying crazy voltages, sit back and bench until it’s just no longer physically possible. I was sent this picture of a famous UK overclocker who did exactly this: notice how the one hand is still touching the keyboard, probably in an ultimate attempt to change a couple of bios settings.


Needless to say he did in fact succeed to become UK’s #1. Congrats!

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