The British way to bench the bot ...

The British way to bench the bot …

There are a few different ways to make your way to the top of the Overclockers League: you can spend hours and hours of pre-testing hardware, then move to the LN2 testing and re-testing and finally have a few great sessions with the entire system under LN2, which requires utmost concentration and attention for voltages, frequencies, temperatures, performance scaling and so on.

Or … you can do it the British way: eliminate yourself from your peer group to sit alone in a dark, damp and cold garden house, have beers until you’ve removed the inhibitions that kept you from applying crazy voltages, sit back and bench until it’s just no longer physically possible. I was sent this picture of a famous UK overclocker who did exactly this: notice how the one hand is still touching the keyboard, probably in an ultimate attempt to change a couple of bios settings.


Needless to say he did in fact succeed to become UK’s #1. Congrats!


United Kingdom r1ch says:

Ahaha...nice one Pieter and congrats to Carl! :D We're not all like this...

Belgium Massman says:

This picture does remind me of a couple of sessions I've had. It's pretty funny when you notice the inhibitions are completely gone and you are absolutely certain that "2.2V will not kill the GPU".

United Kingdom scooter.jay says:

Been in that very position myself lol nice one Carl

South Africa Vivi says:

lol i've also fell asleep while benching dice. Started running 03 and bam i was gone. woke up after it was done for quite a while already

Romania Monstru says:

Wait...does 2.2v kill the CPU? It only took the cold-bug lower on our last E8600 session :D:D:D

United Kingdom Sam__ says:

that picture will go down in ledgend.

Belgium bartolomius says:


United Kingdom Evocarlos says:

thanks all the 5870 is a very fun gpu to bench :)
and all i can say its very cold in the batcave hence the need for the beard
here how i look normally


United Kingdom skull_fcuk says:

Well done Carl. A justifiable reward for your work.

Austria Turrican says:

hehe, that pic made my day :D

Netherlands Gendo says:

Congrats Carl:) But man, that beard gots to go :P

United Kingdom Dualist says:

Turrican said: hehe, that pic made my day :D

You should see the others I took, lol :D

Netherlands _Datura_ says:

Great pics! I really laughed out loud when seeing that sleepy head :)

It reminds me a bit of those days when I had my own cave in the cellars of a bungalow situated in a forest, about 5 years ago. Unfortunately my life decided for me that I had to move to a downtown city appartment with no cave :( But as soon when I'm buying a new out-of-the-city house, I can garantuee there will be a totally improved new benching cave :)

Belgium richba5tard says:

Holy cow, why do you need so many hard drives? :D

Netherlands _Datura_ says:

Trading on Ebay can be very profitable :)

Belgium HybridChiller says:

very nice and a good pic of some dedication to OC

United Kingdom {SAS}TB says:

lol -gratz :D

Belgium Massman says:

There are a couple even more disturbing pics over at the BenchTec forums ... I don't even dare to post them here LOL

United Kingdom Evocarlos says:

Massman said: There are a couple even more disturbing pics over at the BenchTec forums ... I don't even dare to post them here LOL

shhh you :) i dont want the world to see them lol :)

Belgium Massman says:

UK-only? :p

United Kingdom Evocarlos says:

Massman said: UK-only? :p

i did'nt want anyone to see the image your on about but its to late now lol

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