Important Bugfix: Hardware Points to 50% instead of 33%

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Important Bugfix: Hardware Points to 50% instead of 33%

please_stand_by_411.jpgMaybe we should’ve seen it coming as working 20h+ straight staring at the same code can make your hands act differently from what the brains tells them to do. The hardware points algorithm was originally planned out to give points to the top 33% in each hardware category, which was discussed within the staff a couple of weeks ago and was declared to be not enough. So, the plans were changed to award points to 50% of the active users; the top-50% of course.

In other words, in a category with 100 participants the amount of users that earns more than the minimal 0,1p will be 50 instead of 33.

This bug fix has been installed already.


Belgium richba5tard says:


Belgium richba5tard says:

Sorry about bug. I see I need to escape the special characters in forum topics too. :)

Belgium Massman says:

How ironic: posting news about a bugfix uncovers another bug.

Austria Alriin says:

a first step into the right direction... but i think 66% oder 75% are better.

Belgium Massman says:

100% is rewarded at the moment ... original design plans did not have the 0.1p rule.

Holy See (vatican City State) parcifal says:

tis is better news than yesterday anyway i would like also to see more mainboard types instead of only manufactors for more detailed listing of scores of a particulair mainboard i already posted lot of hardware which isnt in the database

Argentina Warrior_oF_Byte says:

uju!!!!! great!!

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