New site, new year... new benchmark! Introducing MaxxMem

New site, new year… new benchmark! Introducing MaxxMem

The author and creator of MaxxPI² has been working hard to get one of his benchmark applications compatible with the HWBot site. The first graduate of this training is the MaxxMem² benchmark which tests your computer’s raw memory performance, combining copy, read, write and latency tests into one global score. From the application you can directly submit your MaxxMem² record to the HWbot website (at the HWbot landing page you’ll get a chance to attach a screenshot showing some extra details with CPU-Z).


Please help us test and torture this latest benchmark, download the latest version here (MaxxPI² website).

  • – As this application is brand spanking new, a test run will be held before assigning HWboints
  • – Golden/Silver/Bronze cups and medals can be earned
  • – Please report any bugs or strange things you encounter to help us improve this benchmark where necessary
  • – You can save your score offline and submit it later, on a machine which has internet access; don’t forget to also save a valid screenshot of your result
  • – The MaxxMem² benchmark will ONE global ranking and THREE hardware rankings based on DDR/DDR2/DDR3, for time being.

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