HWBOT OC Challenge January 2010.

HWBOT OC Challenge January 2010.


First Challenge

As announced in an earlier news post, in 2010 HWBOT will be holding a monthly Overclocking Challenge. In contrary the competitions held in the past, this series of challenges we will be using a variety of current generation low-end and old-skool high-end hardware. The aim is to give overclockers an alternative for the daily HWBoint hunts and, of course, just to have fun with low-cost hardware.

The first challenge of the year 2010 will be all about the GeForce4 series. We’ll be using the 3DMark03 benchmark; whoever scores highest wins the competition.


The set of rules is quite limited; basically, you have to follow the general HWBOT rules for submission. This means showing the necessary information in the screenshot. Underneath, a set of specific rules for this competition:

  • * Only new scores are allowed. We’ll release the competition desktop background at the beginning of the competition.

  • * We expect everyone to play fair, whoever cheats in this competition gets banned from HWBot.
  • * This is not a software tuning competition, but an overclocking competition. Any special software tweaks must be explained to the HWBot staff during the competition and will be published on HWBot afterwards.
  • * Reminder: act smart.
  • * Retail hardware only. Hardware must be available for purchase at the beginning of this competition. Pre-order is not okay.
  • * A photograph of your overclocking rig in action must be attached to the score.
  • * The usage of Liquid Helium is not prohibited.

For questions, please refer to the official discussion thread of the competition.