HWBOT Country Cup 2009, the statistics.

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HWBOT Country Cup 2009, the statistics.

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The HWBOT Country Cup 2009 was in the first place a competition set up to learn from: how can we get people motivated to join a competition? In what way do we have to configure limitations? What limitations attract the most viewers? All these and more similar questions have been answered over the last couple of weeks. As for the HWBOT staff, this competition was more than a success as we have been able to give away 270 of the 273 available points in this competition! Next to that, this competition has also motivated people to break world records, for which a big congratulations.

Over the last 7 weeks, a total of 680 results have been submitted to this competition by 262 unique users. Those 262 users are member of 68 different overclocking teams and originate from 33 different countries! Let’s have a look at the more detailed statistics.

matose.png1. Most active user

20 – Matose
11 – DaMMned
11 – Nornad
10 – Monstru
9 – Placid
9 – ODDiTy

The most active user turns out to be one of the Romanian winners: Matose. Having submitted 20 results to this competition, he has helped his country Romania to the overall victory and himself to a new LN2 container.

lab5011.png2. Most active team

77 – Lab501.ro
35 – Overclocking Argentina OC Team
34 – OCClub
33 – Madshrimps Belgium OC Team
31 – BenchMark.kz

The Romanian hardware reviewing website Lab501.ro, home of overclockers such as Matose and Monstru, have not only dominated a lot of the stages, the also dominate the team effort ranking having submitted more than twice the amount of the second most active team ‘Overclocking Argentine OC Team’. As a Belgian, I’m also very proud of the Madshrimps Belgium OC Team coming in as fourth most contributing team!

romania.png3. Most active country

83 – Romania
66 – Brazil
51 – Indonesia
50 – Russia
47 – Belgium

Although the lead is less impressive than in the team ranking, Romania also takes the victory in the most active country ranking, having submitted 83 results to this competition. Brazil managed to overclock its way to second place whereas Indonesia has to settle for bronze. Again, I’m very pleased to see Belgium take the fifth place having submitted three results less than Russia.

core-i7.png4. Most used CPU model

4.1. By unique users

39 – Core i7 920
33 – Sempron 140
32 – Phenom II X4 965 BE

4.2. By unique results

74 – Core i7 920
65 – Sempron 140
55 – Phenom II X4 965 BE“>Phenom II X4 965 BE

As per request of JMke, I’ve split up the ranking into two parts: a ranking based on unique users and one based on the amount of results submitted by these users. In both cases, the result is exactly the same: the overly popular Core i7 920 has been used by most users and most submissions, followed by the Sempron 140. The Phenom II X4 965 BE has third most popular.

asus.png5. Most used mainboard manufacturer

5.1. By unique users

106 – Asus
25 – MSI

5.2. By unique results

223 – Asus
41 – MSI

The popularity list for manufacturers is pretty clear, I think. Overall, Asus has been used the most both based on the number of results as number of users submitting.

classified.png6. Most used mainboard model

6.1. By unique users:

19 – Evga X58 SLI Classified
15 – Asus Crosshair III Formula
15 – Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P

6.2. By unique results:

27 – Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
27 – Evga X58 SLI Classified
23 – Asus M4A79T Deluxe

Both the Evga X58 SLI Classified as the GA-EP45-UD3P seem to be quite the popular choice amongst overclockers as they can both be found on top of the popularity rankings.

7. Most popular stage

7.1. By number of results

125 – “Stage 1: SuperPI 1M using Intel Core 2 Quad”
103 – “Stage 5: Single Core wPrime 32M”
101 – “Stage 7: 3DMark01”

7.2. By number of participants

75 – “Stage 1: SuperPI 1M using Intel Core 2 Quad”
59 – “Stage 5: Single Core wPrime 32M”
57 – “Stage 7: 3DMark01”

7.3. By number of views

10083 – “Stage 5: Single Core wPrime 32M”
8206 – “Stage 3: AMD SuperPI 32M”
8052 – “Stage 7: 3DMark01”

Looking at the viewer ratings of the HWBOT Country Cup 2009, it’s pretty clear that we started off quite badly in terms of exposure … stage 1 was highly popular amongst the participants, but very few people actually had a look at the competition page. Things picked up quite rapidly and from stage 2 ’till the very last stage, we managed a steady 8000 views, which is not bad at all!

8. Final words

As I said already in the introduction, the competition was most definitely a success for what HWBOT is concerned. We now understand how the HCE can be used more properly and will use the information gathered from this competition to improve the concept and provide you with even better competitions in 2010, beginning with the HWBOT OC Challenges series. To end with, I’d like to thank all the participants for putting effort into this competition and give us the opportunity to learn. Also, again a big congratulations to the winners of the competition!

‘Till the next Country Cup!

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