New CPU-Z version released: V1.53 now available

New CPU-Z version released: V1.53 now available

cpuzico1.pngThe CPUID coding team responsible for tools such as TMonitor, HWMontor and obviously CPU-Z has released a new version of the CPU-Z application: V1.53. To validate your overclocks, you will need to use the latest version.


  • New version in chinese language.
  • Intel Core i7 930 & 950, Core i7 980X “Gulftown”, Xeon W3565.
  • Intel Mobile Core i7/i5/i3 “Arrandale” (LV and ULV).
  • Intel “Clarkdale” platform improved support.
  • AMD Phenom FX-5000, Athlon II X2/X3/X4, Athlon L110.
  • AMD AM3 socket detection improved.
  • VIA VX800 and VX855 chipsets support.
  • ATI Radeon 2100 and Radeon X1250 support.
  • DirectX 11 detection fix.
  • Hardware virtualization support now reported as instructions set.
  • New HTML report with less information.


We strongly recommend HWBOT members to use the latest CPU-Z version in your verification screenshot.


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