S_A_V breaks AMD SuperPI 1M WR

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S_A_V breaks AMD SuperPI 1M WR

sav1.jpgUsing the same golden Phenom II X4 965 C3 that broke 7GHz on LN2, Russian overclocker S_A_V managed to improve the AMD SuperPI 1M world record from Japanese overclocker Gyroc set at 10.156s to 10.125s. Next to that, he also improved the top AMD Pifast score at HWBot, previously owned by Chew*; the record is now set at 16.64s.


  • AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE C3
  • MSI 790FX-GD70
  • MSI R4890 Cyclone video (for 2D)
  • Two Radeon HD5970 video (for 3D)
  • G.Skill Perfect Storm F3-16000CL7T-6GBPS memory (only two stick used, stock heatspreader changed to OCZ Flex waterblock)
  • Western Digital WD1500HLFS hard drive
  • Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W PSU

Comment from overclocker: “Today I made another bench session with my Phenom II 965 C3. As you can see in this thread this chip can go over 7GHz for validation, but I got pretty bad results in other benchmarks, especially in long and multithreaded such as wPrime 1024M.

I always used Arctic Silver Ceramique for my previous LN2 sessions and it works great for cold-bugging CPUs. This time I decided to try Collaboratory Liquid Metal thermal grease with Phenom II to improve contact between pot and CPU heatspreader. It gave me ~200 MHz improvement to NB clock and 500 to 600 MHz (depends on benchmark) to CPU clock!”


S_A_Vs SuperPi benchmark score S_A_Vs PiFast benchmark score S_A_Vs wPrime 32m benchmark score S_A_Vs wPrime 1024m benchmark score S_A_Vs 3Dmark 2003 benchmark score S_A_Vs 3Dmark 2005 benchmark score