Brian Y tests Clarkdale - 250MHz+ BCLK

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Brian Y tests Clarkdale – 250MHz+ BCLK

For the launch of the Clarkdale, we still have to wait about two and a half weeks, but that doesn’t mean there’s no information out regarding the overclockability. On the XtremeSystems forums, we came across the thread made by Brian Y (8th in the Overclockers League) who tested a 2.8GHz Core i3, which is an even more low-end sample than the Core i3 530 in the HWBOT database. In any case, he tested the chip under LN2 and managed to run an impressive 257MHz BCLK through 3DMark05!




From the looks of it, it seems that the Core i3 and hopefully the Clarkdale in general is a strong clocker. According to Brian Y, the CPU is capable of taking quite a big amount of Vcore, which is opposite to what the current generation LGA1156 Lynnfield processors are capable of. A good start, maybe we see more in the future.

More overclocking results can be found in the original forum thread.

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