EVGA Launches EVBot

EVGA Launches EVBot


I’ve seen this before …

The more time manufacturers put in making products for performance enthusiasts, the more gadgets will be released on the market to make the overclocking experience more fun and easier. In the past, we’ve seen Asus do this with the Tweak-IT and, more recently, the ROG Connect, as well as MSI with the OC Dial on the 790FX-GD70 and the OC Dashboard, which comes with the Big Bang Trinergy product. Just a few hours ago, I received an email from EVGA announcing the launch of EVBot which, in the contrary to Asus and MSI’s solutions, also allows the overclocker to tune the graphics card.

The official page talks about a “personal friendly neighborhood overclocking hero”, but I assume that EVGA is not supplying an extra Shamino to each EVBot package. As mentioned in the introduction, this tool basically offers the same functionality as the Asus Tweak-IT, appended with support for graphics cards. Let’s have a look at the specifications.



  • On the fly voltage adjustment
  • On the fly clock frequency adjustment
  • No software required, no CPU overhead
  • Opt Booster max’s out your CPU for extreme benchmarks
  • Supports select EVGA motherboards and graphics cards
  • Connect up to 4 individual EVGA products

What is interesting about the EVBot is, next to the support for graphics cards, the fact that you can connect 4 products to one EVBot! Apart from that, it seems to offer pretty much the same as the Tweak-IT and OC Dashboard.

Supported products


  • Motherboard Adjustments:
    • Voltages: CPU VCore, CPU VTT, CPU PLL VCore, IOH PLL VCore, QPI PLL VCore, DIMM Voltage, IOH VCore, IOH/ICH I/O and ICH VCore
    • Frequencies: CPU Host Frequency, PCIE Frequency, CPU Clock Skew and CPU Amplitude
    • Hardware Monitor: CPU Temp, VREG Temp, CPU VCore and CPU Frequency
    • Opt Booster: 10 Levels
  • Graphics Card Adjustments
    • Voltages: VCore, VPLL, VDD and VDDQ

The mainboard adjustment tools look pretty much complete, but I’m a bit surprised/disappointed to see that there’s no support to change the frequencies of the VGA card on-the-fly. This would be a great tool for extreme overclocking as you can push the graphics card to its limits in each 3D test, or, even during one particular test.

For EVGA users, this does seem like quite a cool tool. I’m interested to see how well it works, so if you have one, please let us know in the forums if you like it or not!

Link to the official page: CLICK

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