hwbot 1.9.6 rc1 - introducing hwboints

hwbot 1.9.6 rc1 – introducing hwboints

The hwbot crew is proud to present the very first system to rank overclockers based on their achievements. An overclockers skills should not solely be based on how fast he can calculate PI, but also how much skills he he has used to establish this achievement.

The hwboint ranking algorithm is a well thought computation that hands out points to overclocking results, based on how noteworthy they are. A high rank in a very popular benchmark application like SuperPi will get you a lot more hwboints than a high rank in eg. Sisoft sandra, as there is less competition. The same counts for the specific hardware you used. You might not be ranked high in the main ranking, but if you have the fastest processor / videocard of your kind, you’ll recieve a decent amount of points too. Again, the more people are using this piece of hardware, the more points you will get. Eg. you will recieve a lot more points for having the fastest 7900GT, than having the fastest Matrox Parhelia.

hwboints = global points + hardware points

* global points (top 5): (50,40,35,30,25 * application weight) * 0.6
* global points (other): ((-20/145) * your rank + (600/29) * application weight) * 0.6
* hardware points (top 5): (5,4…1 * hardware weight) * 2

application weigth: 0.5 (<500 participants) - 2 (2000 or more participants)

hardware weigth: 0.2 (1 participant) – 1 (100 or more participants)

(Thx to Mtzki for the brilliant idea)

More info on hwboints.

Some features that made it into this release candidate:

  • Member hall of fame, based on total amount of hwboints. Also shows daily, weekly and monthly change.
  • New user profile page shows your total amount of points.
  • Result info page has improved.
  • Team hall of fame based on total amount of hwboints

member hofprofileresult infoteamhoff1.PNGteamhoff2.PNG

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