Topalof Grand Winner, Hazzan Shares the Joy

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Topalof Grand Winner, Hazzan Shares the Joy

After weeks of overclocking, tweaking and (re-)testing the devilish P55-platform and then hours and hours of waiting for the finalized ranking, we are happy to announce the grand winners of the MSI Xtreme Speeder P55 competition. The overall winner is Topalof, a French overclocker who’s not unknown to the overclocking game as he previously owned the SuperPI 32M world record here at HWBOT. In the Core i5 sub-ranking, Hazzan takes the win after a series of very impressive benchmark results. Check inside for the complete list of winners!

A. Stage Winners: Topalof and AndreYang

Let’s start off with the stage winners, each winning a very nice sum of $1000.

1. CPU-Z

Using the P55-GD65 mainboard, Topalof managed to squeeze out an impressive 5735MHz out of his Core i7 860 processor. The most impressive part of this score is, however, that it has been submit 20 days before the end of the competition. No back-up games here, just pure power!


2. SuperPI 32M

Inevitably, this competition was also a display of the fine overclocking skills of our current HWBOT Overclockers League leader, AndreYang. AndreYang managed to complete a SuperPI 32M run at 5362MHz, having the memory clocked at 1117MHz CL7, using the P55-GD80 mainboard, resulting in a very solid 6 minutes and 47.344 seconds time. In contrary to what most people would have expected, this score was not submitted a few minutes before the deadline, but 2 hours.


3. wPrime 32M

As well as in the SuperPI stage, AndreYang manages the best score in the wPrime 32M stage. Using the same configuration as in above paragraph, he scores an impressive 4.565 seconds.


B. World Record Bounty: Topalof and AndreYang

As mentioned at the beginning of the competition, an additional $500 prize is awarded to those stage winners that also break the P55 world record (from at the beginning of the competition). Both Topalof (CPU-Z) and AndreYang (wPrime 32M) broke the world record and have a stage victory already in the pocket, so they will be receiving an additional bonus. Congratulations!

C. Core i5 Sub-ranking: Hazzan

As we included the wPrime benchmark in the competition line-up, we knew it would be quite difficult for those people who use a Lynnfield-based processor without HT to have a chance in the overall ranking. So, instead of making HT-capable products a must, MSI decided to make a special ranking for those who use a lower-end model. The winner of the Core i5 ranking will be receiving a $1000 prize.


Adding up the points, we see that Hazzan finishes with a total of 26 points, which is 4 more than runner-up KkWong and 6 more than second runner-up Miahallen. We congratulate Hazzan for his outstanding overall performance and for breaking the Core i5 750 world records in the beginning of the competition!overall.png

D. Overall ranking: Topalof, AndreYang and Coolaler

We end of course with the most important ranking of this competition: the overall ranking. Thanks to a very solid performance in every stage, Topalof is not only taking home a stage victory and the world record bounty, but also the grand prize of $2000 for winning this competition. Runner-up is AndreYang, who manages to outscore his Taiwanese colleague Coolaler by 4 points.

To all winners: You will be contacted shortly by MSI. Please make sure you have a valid email address at hwbot.

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Addendum: a sad footnote

Just minutes before the end of the competition, a new user “hwNOT” joined the competition by submitting photoshopped scores. Obviously these scores were later removed from the competition and on the forums we discovered that YoungPro, a well-known extreme overclocker, had posted the following message:

“hwNOT is obviously me, all screenshots are modified and if i didnt leave in obvious things (which i did on purpose) you would of had no idea that these were modified …”

At HWBOT, we were stunned by this action as we’d never expected an overclocker of this level to forge a competition. It shows of very little respect towards the fellow overclockers who have put a lot of effort into this competition. Needless to say that we strongly disapprove of this action and hope that overclockers from all over the world understand that cheating is intolerable in any form whatsoever.