Ryba takes Sempron 140 to unseen heights

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Ryba takes Sempron 140 to unseen heights

Yes, as far as HWBOT is concerned, the Country Cup is turning out to be quite the success as we can actually get people motivated to test low-end hardware and submit them to the competition. We’re also proud that during some stages some world records have been bettered, that some has been broken … but in stage 5 Ryba just smashed the world record!

HTT, no …

The limitations for stage 5 were pretty clear: single core, single threaded wPrime 32M. So, as I already indicated in a previous news post regarding single core wPrime performance, most of the overclockers went out to buy a Sempron 140. This product is the most recent single core processor released on the market and is based on the Phenom II technology which means no cold bug. The biggest issue with this product is, however, that it’s not a Black Edition, so the CPU multiplier can be set to maximum 13,5x. To put it differently, this means that this CPU has to be overclocked using the HTT frequency, which is in Intel-terms the BCLK frequency. As well as on Intel, the HTT frequency can be limited by both the CPU and motherboard, which was something my fellow Belgian overclocker Leeghoofd experienced a few days ago when he was overclocking his Sempron 140 in my office. Cursing, swearing, throwing shoes at the system … none of those tweaks helped to increase the maximum HTT and he got stuck at a frequency of 370MHz.

This in contrary to Ryba, who managed to increase the HTT frequency to an impressive 434MHz, breaking the current CPU-Z world record by no less than 700MHz as he managed to hit 5.8GHz F7-stable.




ryba (PurePC.pl)s CPU-Z benchmark score ryba (PurePC.pl)s PiFast benchmark score ryba (PurePC.pl)s SuperPi benchmark score ryba (PurePC.pl)s SuperPi 32m benchmark score ryba (PurePC.pl)s wPrime 1024m benchmark score ryba (PurePC.pl)s wPrime 32m benchmark score

gold CPU-Z – 5805.1MHz
gold PiFast – 22.66s
gold SuperPi – 14.750s
gold SuperPi 32m – 13min 35.250s
gold wPrime 1024m – 7min 27.580s
gold wPrime 32m – 13.587s

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