MSI Xtreme Speeder: The Final Stretch

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MSI Xtreme Speeder: The Final Stretch

A. Competition end date

As indicated, the competition ends the 13th of December 2009 at 12:00:00 CEST. For those who don’t want to use a calculator to figure out how much time is left, there are timers spread over the competition page to indicate the time left. These timers are the most important and stand above all: it indicates the time left before the competition engine closes down the competition. When the timer hits 0 seconds left, the competition will close automatically and it will be impossible to submit any result.


We strongly recommend checking the timer on the last day of the competition and to take your time to make the ultimate submissions.

B. Final ranking and prize awards

When the competition closes, the HWBOT staff will re-check every submission to verify that the provided score information and screenshot verification are legitimate. When all scores are checked, an official news post will follow to announce the competition winners; this news post contains the one-and-only finalized ranking for this competition. As for the Core i5 ranking, we will provide the complete top-5 ranking in the official news post.

a) What if benchmark scores are equal?

In case of two users submitting identical scores, we will check the added verification to see who made the best submission. For example:

  • Score 1: CPU-Z = 5540.76MHz
  • Score 2: CPU-Z = 5540.73MHz
  • Winner = Score 1

For SuperPI 32M and wPrime32M, we check the milliseconds of the result. Note that if two scores are completely identical, we check the submission date to calculate the ranking. In other words: who submits the score first will be ranked first.

b) What if points in ranking are equal?

In case of an identical overall score, the prize money will be split up. For instance:

  • 1st = 20p
  • 2nd = 20p
  • 3rd = 14p
  • Prize: 1st and 2nd win: (prize 1 + prize 2) / 2
  • 3rd wins: prize 3

So, it may be interesting to continue pushing the hardware for that last 0.1MHz.

C. Note!

– The usage of engineering samples (either processor or mainboard) is not allowed in this competition
– The usage of a Big Bang Trinergy is also not allowed as it was not available when the competition started.
– Official competition page:
– Official discussion topic: