MSI Malaysia-Singapore OverClocking Gathering

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MSI Malaysia-Singapore OverClocking Gathering

group_all_021.jpgSometimes it’s hard to find interesting overclocking news, so this morning I was happy to see that Sanko had posted his story about an overclocking gathering in Malaysia at the forums. On the 28th of November, 8 overclockers from Malaysia and Singapore held a small overclocking event/competition in Cheras, Malaysia. NightRaven, clon22, coolice, dblooi, sup3rfly, Lacus, Jonesy and Sanko spent an entire day trying to break the Malaysian overclocking records and, of course, share their passion for overclocking …

Hardware used



vantage1.jpg am31.jpg 3dmark031.jpg superpi_32m1.jpg

For 3DMark03, 3DMark Vantage and SuperPI 32M, the Malaysian-Singaporean overclocking team used the available P55-GD80 and Core i7 860, clocked to 4.5GHz for the 3D benchmarks and 4.7GHz for the 2D benchmarks. For Aquamark3, the team switched to the higher clocking Core i7 950 which went up to 5GHz on the X58 Pro-E. In all 3D benchmarks, they used the Radeon HD 5870 clocked 1071MHz on the core and 1332MHz on the memory.

More information

For more information and a lot of pictures of the event, please refer to the original forum post made by Sanko at OCDrift: LINK

I hope the overclockers enjoyed the gathering!

(All pictures and screenshots are Sanko’s. They are used in this article with permission)

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